The Three A’s of Third-Wave AI

AI is everywhere. From Google Home running your household, chatbots handling your support issues, or Siri helping you remember the name of that actor you just can’t place, it is ever-present.

To make the impact stronger, AI is advancing into its third wave, an era that will be characterized by the technology’s ability to understand the “independent world”, similar to how a human would.

Companies will undoubtedly be able to leverage the human-like intelligence of AI to their advantage in a number of ways. Here are the 3 A’s of third-wave AI:


While Siri is helpful for making phone calls or looking things up quickly, we generally don’t trust “her” to handle more sensitive, complex issues. Recently developed AI assistants are proving themselves to be more reliable, and can even hold significant conversations with you, making them feel more like a friend and less like a computer.

This will be beneficial towards businesses that rely upon personalized interactions with their clients.


For any companies looking to gather in-depth insights surrounding their processes and performance, third-wave AI is here to help. New tools can now gather marketing data (such as keywords), and analyze it to produce detailed analytic reports at the sound of your vocal request!


Gone are the days of spending crucial hours working on tiresome tasks that you wish you could pawn off to another team member. With recent innovations, your business can automate and take care of processes such as ensuring bills are paid on time and payroll is handled efficiently.

These tools are just the tip of the iceberg in the sea of third-wave AI. Follow our blog in the coming months to learn more about how you can revolutionize your life through the power of AI!

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