The Powerful AI Trends you can expect to see in 2019

After an exciting year of growth in the world of AI, pop culture has begun to accept its place in our society. Unfounded trepidation about AI has dissipated, and people are more willing than ever to get as excited as we are about how AI is changing the nature of work for the better.

At Innovative Vision, we are constantly fascinated by trailblazing technology. Here are the AI trends that we’re expecting to see in 2019:

Conversational Searches

At this point in time if you’re looking to learn more about the best restaurants in a city you’re visiting, you’ll find yourself searching “best places to eat in (insert city here)”.

Soon, however, searches will become more conversational. Consumers will have the option of simply speaking their questions, which will then be potentially met with follow-up questions from the search engine, such as “what type of food are you looking for?” This will result in higher quality results to any queries consumers have!

Advanced AI Assistants

While AI is currently living in the phones and homes of virtually everyone you know, the expectations of what it can do for the consumer are quite limited, such as:

  • Asking Siri to inform you of what year your favourite movie came out.
  • Telling your Google Home to turn off the lights.

In 2019, however, we expect to see the powers of AI enhancing other areas of your home, from your TV guide, your car, to even kitchen appliances!

Simplified Hiring

Finding top talent can be one of the most time-consuming processes if a company does not possess an efficient HR department, hence the purpose of recruiters.

Mya, “the leading conversational AI platform for hiring teams”, is the newest solution to the hiring problem – an AI recruiter! Mya automates outreach and communication across the end-to-end candidate and employee lifecycle. With “her” help, you can wave goodbye to the days of seemingly fruitless interviews and secure the fantastic hire you’re looking for!

At Innovative Vision, we are passionate about the world of technology. Founded in 2002, we are a marketing technology firm specializing in Contact Centre BPO. Through the power of omnichannel support, and hybrid live agent/AI models, we ensure that every interaction that a customer has with your business is positive and meaningful.

Allow us to inspire your company to grow through our enhanced approach to guiding the customer journey. To learn more about our advanced and specialized services,contact us today!

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