The Five Biggest Customer Experience Trends

Customer expectations have significantly evolved over the past two decades due to digital transformations and artificial intelligence (AI). Modern consumers have very little tolerance for poor customer service and they have come to expect real-time responses. For contact centres, these changes in consumer behaviour require the right technological solutions to be deployed.

In today’s blog, we’ll be unpacking the 5 biggest customer experience trends and the technological solutions contact centres need to capitalize on them according to Genesys’ CX Technology Trends for Midsize Contact Centres.

  1. 1. Emotion Is the Most Influential Driver

There are many factors that influence a customer’s overall experience, but the single most influential driver is their emotion. With that said, less than 1% of organizations have training in place to help their employees better understand emotional insights from their interactions with customers. New real-time analytics tools are capable of analyzing emotions as they fluctuate and alerting agents of shifting emotional states as they happen.

  1. 2. Services Being Digitized

With 15% of all customer service interactions expected to be handled by AI alone by 2021, there’s simply no way to get around the digitization of services. Younger consumers have also expressed that they’d rather use digital tools than speak to another human when getting in touch with a business. Chatbots are highly beneficial technological tools that can improve customer service, save money and increase accuracy.

  1. 3. Highly Engaged Employees

It’s no secret that employees who are more engaged provide better customer experiences. To keep customer service workers engaged, the right tools need to be put into place. AI-powered virtual assistants that help agents solve customer issues by suggesting appropriate next steps can contribute to improved employee experiences.

  1. 4. Connected Customer Journeys

The days of only speaking to customers through the phone are long gone and more channels of communication have become commonplace. According to a 2017 HBR study, 73% of consumers stated that they used more than one channel when shopping. To provide highly personalized customer experiences across all platforms, a unified customer engagement platform should be implemented.

  1. 5. The Right Mix of Human and Machine

While it is true that many younger consumers would prefer to not speak to another person when contacting a business, the same can’t be said for older consumers. In fact, 70% of individuals over 45 would rather speak to a human during their customer service interactions and 91% of all consumers think that businesses should always have an option to contact a real person. Contact centres should aim to deploy an omnichannel solution that seamlessly integrates all channels and facilitates a positive experience throughout the customer journey.

At the end of the day, what sets high-performing contact centres apart from their competition is their ability to implement solutions that are suited to changing customer expectations. Staying ahead of the curve is more important now than ever before and by keeping these trends in mind, you’ll be well equipped to enhance customer experiences.

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