The Difference between Natural Language Processing and Keyword-Based Chatbots

The undeniable influence that chatbots have had on modern business practices has been profound.For large-scale companies, chatbots have revolutionized online customer interactions.

While live customer care agents were once solely responsible for handling inquiries big and small, the implementation of chatbots at a company allow for individuals in these roles to focus on answering complex customer questions, tasking chatbots with handling the basics.

However, not all chatbots are created equal. In fact, there are two primary types that are most widely used:

  1. Keyword-based chatbots
  2. Natural language processing chatbots

So which is better for your company and its distinctive needs? Allow us to delve into the differences between these two leading types of chatbots:

Natural Language Processing Chatbots

These advanced chatbots have the power to contextually understand customer questions in a way that can closely mimic live agent interaction. Natural language processing chatbots sit atop a distinguished pillar that boasts the ability to engage in conversation. From comprehending sentence structure and context, to asking relevant questions when requiring further detail from customers, these chatbots know how to interact and provide immensely helpful results.

Ultimately, these bots are most-frequentlyused in conjunction with live agents. This is due to the fact that the answers they provide will often be routed to an agent for approval if the bot isn’t 100% confident that it has the correct one.

Keyword-Based Chatbots

For companies that are looking for an option that allows them 100% control over their brands messaging, keyword-based chatbots are ideal, as they never respond in a way that has not been previously programmed into their database.

With this type of bot, companies manually program them to provide certain responses to specific phrases and questions, which can helpto lighten the workload of their live agents.

However, the scope of questions of which keyword-based chatbots can respond to is dependent entirely upon how they are programmed. For instance, they will not be able to see past typos if they are not encoded to do so.

How Innovative Vision can help

At Innovative Vision, we work each and every day to ensure our clients are provided with the contact centre BPO solutionsthat work best for their unique needs. Chatbots are one of the primary tools we utilize to ensure our clients provide excellent brand experiences to theirs. To learn more about our wide array of specialized services, contact us today!

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