The Accelerated Rollout of Digital Shopping Tools

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the business landscape, and every sector of the economy has been impacted in one way or another. Prior to COVID-19 taking place, technological innovations were already contributing to changes in consumer behaviours, but this shift has been drastically accelerated by mandatory lockdowns and social distancing measures.

To keep up in this stay-at-home economy, businesses have had to quickly adapt and accelerate the rollout of digital shopping tools. Here’s a look at how COVID-19 is impacting e-commerce efforts.

Changes in the Auto Industry

Historically, the auto industry has always been among the hardest hit sectors during economic downturns. With the added pressure of public safety measures and uncertain employment outlooks among consumers, the industry has had to quickly adjust their business model. Products that were designed to make shopping for vehicles from home much easier were already in the works pre-pandemic, and now they are being rolled out.

How Digital Shopping Tools Are Being Used

One such digital shopping tool that is being implemented in Canada’s auto industry is Live Dealer. Created by Rapid RTC, a lead management software company in Winnipeg, this tool allows a salesperson to remotely speak with a potential buyer over video after they’ve connected with them through a chat tool on the company’s website.

With Live Dealer, a salesperson has the ability to showcase the display vehicles in a showroom or in a lot without a customer ever having to step foot in the dealership. This software also allows a salesperson to easily switch the customer’s view so that they can see the salesperson’s desktop screen and be walked through the online sales process as it takes place.

The goal of Live Dealer is to enable salespeople to deliver the same salesmanship online and engage with customers who are not willing to visit a physical dealership location anymore. With 62% of consumers in the market for a vehicle expressing an interest in digital retail, this capability is hugely important.

The Bigger Picture

While the coronavirus pandemic won’t last forever, increased online offerings will likely continue to be used in the auto industry for the foreseeable future. Physical retailers of all kinds will need to follow the auto industry’s lead and offer digital services that consumers have become more accustomed to using.

The future has arrived sooner than any of us could’ve expected, and adapting your business to accommodate changing consumer needs is an absolute must. By putting the right technological tools in place now, you’ll lay the groundwork for your business to survive and thrive despite the current circumstances.

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