How to Cross-Sell and Upsell

Picture this; you’ve just started a new business, and you’re setting up a home office, so you need a new printer. Your options are to either head to a store or start searching for one online. When you’re looking for a new printer, you’ll most likely need printer ink and paper. Maybe you’ll even need a scanner. Any salesperson worth their salt knows the importance of a multi-faceted approach to sales.

Upselling is encouraging the customer to purchase an upgraded or premium version of a good or service. For example, a printer that comes with ink and paper. Alternately, cross-selling is encouraging the customer to purchase an additional good or service that is related to the good or service they want or need. In this case, the item would be the scanner. Here is how to ensure you’re properly cross-selling and upselling without frustrating the customer.

  1. 1. Upsell Vs. Cross-sell

Be aware of which sales method will get a better result in each situation. More often than not, upselling is more effective than cross-selling. When making a purchase, buyers typically have a specific product in mind. They don’t necessarily want to be bombarded with dozens of other suggestions that will make it challenging to find the product they need. An extraordinary salesperson can evaluate goods or services that will enhance the customer’s experience like in the example of printer ink or a scanner.

  1. 2. Offer Relevant Options

Once you’ve assessed the situation and comprehend whether an upsell or cross-sell is more appropriate, the next step is to ensure the good or service you’re offering is relevant. Continuing with the printer example, it wouldn’t make sense to try to sell this customer a new computer. They would probably recognize that you’re trying to generate more revenue with an expensive purchase, get frustrated and you might even lose the sale. Pay attention to their wants and needs and only suggest products and services that will help them.

  1. 3. Be Transparent

Nobody likes an overly pushy salesperson. Don’t cross the line between persuasion and pushiness. Being honest and up-front is a great way to upsell and cross-sell. Never bury details about contracts and pricing when making a sale. If you demonstrate transparency, you’ll build trust with the customer, and they will be more open to add-ons.

  1. 4. Show Don’t Tell

Don’t just tell a customer that an additional purchase will enhance their overall experience, show them. Whether it’s through reviews, case studies or testimonials, demonstrate the value of the good or service you’re cross-selling or upselling.

  1. 5. Demonstrate Appreciation

So you’ve successfully upsold or cross-sold to a customer, congratulations, but the sales process shouldn’t end here. Show the customer that you appreciate them for trusting your guidance by rewarding them. From a follow-up thank you to a gift to a discount code for a future purchase, these tokens of your appreciation will encourage brand loyalty. If you’re sending a discount code or gift, use this as another opportunity to cross-sell or upsell by giving them or recommending another good or service that will enhance their product.

This guide will help you increase your profits by upselling and cross-selling. The bottom line is additional purchases or add-ons, should always take the backseat to the primary reason your customer is shopping. If you keep all of this in mind, your multi-faceted approach to sales will benefit.

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