How to Boost Agent Engagement in a Hybrid Contact Centre

Keeping employees motivated has always been a tough thing to do. Now that many companies have a large portion of their workforce working from home, it’s even tougher. As we begin to face a post-pandemic world and contact centres struggle to retain agents, it’s more important than ever to keep your agents engaged.

Here’s how you can go about boosting agent engagement in a hybrid contact centre!

Develop an Effective Onboarding Process

Starting your employees off on the right foot will set the tone for how their time at your contact centre will go. By developing a well-thought-out onboarding and training process, you can lay the foundation for high employee engagement. When developing your onboarding process, it’s important to consider the perspective of your new hire and ask yourself how you can make them feel welcomed, valued and included.

Provide Your Agents With the Tools They Need to Succeed

Equipping your agents with the right tools and services can greatly improve their ability to solve customer problems. This is especially important for remote workers who don’t have the same access to technical support that in-person staff do. You should also take stock of your current technologies and upgrade or replace outdated tools to ensure your agents have everything they need to succeed.

Invest In The Proper Communication Channels

Communication is the foundation that every relationship is built on, and it’s extremely important for your employees to have good communication with one another. In a hybrid contact centre model, effective communication between teammates is especially challenging. That’s why it’s essential to invest in communication channels that will help your agents build strong working relationships with one another, like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Organize In-Person Get-Togethers

As amazing as technology can be, nothing can replace meeting teammates face-to-face. Now that vaccinations are being widely administered across North America and IRL meetings can be safely conducted, you should make the most of this opportunity and organize regular in-person touchpoints. Having your hybrid team meet in person can help strengthen bonds between in-office and remote employees.

Compensate Your Agents Well

Things like opportunities for growth and workplace culture do matter to contact centre agents, but at the end of the day compensation still plays a major role in motivating employees. If you compensate your agents well and get rid of any financial strains they may be facing, they will be able to focus and perform their daily tasks better. Benefits are a form of compensation that can also help boost employee engagement.

At the end of the day, your employees are your greatest asset, and if you invest in your agents working both in-office and remotely, your contact centre will be better off!

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