Five Ways to Boost Your Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an index that helps businesses gauge customer satisfaction and how willing they would be to recommend your good or service to other people. It is a handy tool to gain insight into customer loyalty. To effectively boost your NPS, don’t just worry about increasing the number of customers that promote you; take the information you’ve gained from the index to improve.

Here are some ways to boost your score:

  1. 1. Keep Your Team in the Loop

When trying to raise your NPS, your entire team needs to be on board. Ensure that you set SMART (Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely) goals on your NPS for your team members. Let them know how important it is to convert customers to promoters for everyone from sales to marketing to design.

  1. 2. Simplify the Promotion Process for Customers

The easier it is for customers to share good experiences, the more likely it is that they will do it. You can even offer incentives such as discount codes for people who promote the business. On your e-commerce site, set up a platform where customers can share their positive experiences or send a follow-up email to remind customers to make a review once they have made a purchase.

  1. 3. Stay Engaged

Ensure your customer base is always engaged in your business by interacting with them on social media. Asking questions, holding contests and reading through their comments is a great way to get involved. When customers feel appreciated, there is a much higher chance that they will go out of their way to promote your business.

  1. 4. Communicate with Detractors

You can learn just as much from negative feedback as you can from positive feedback. Pay attention to detractors to figure out what they don’t like about your business and use the criticism as a learning experience. Ask your detractors questions and thank them for providing you with ways you can improve.

  1. 5. Monitor your NPS

Once you’ve worked to boost your score, it’s essential to monitor it consistently. Even if it looks like your business is doing well, the net promoter score is the best way to review customer retention. Remember, the more customers promote your business, the more referrals your business will get and referred customers are invaluable.

Boosting your net promoter score isn’t just about the number. It’s about changing passive customers into promoters at the same time as keeping the satisfied promoters happy. To do that, make sure your staff is involved, the promotion process is easy, you’re engaged with customers and detractors, and you’re always keeping track of your NPS.

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