Five Ways AI Is Bettering Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence is increasingly making its way into business operations and changing the way customers interact with companies. AI has played a huge part in customers’ online shopping experience since it began and now nearly every major organization is using machine learning’s data collection and processing skills to enhance how various departments function.

AI has proven to be a worthwhile investment for companies as it saves both time and money, but the biggest impact it has made by far is in customer experience. Here are five ways AI has transformed customer experience for the better.

  1. 1. Providing Personalized Experiences

AI is providing personalized experiences in ways that were previously unheard of. In fact, customers rarely have to go looking for the products they want nowadays because personalized recommendations have advanced significantly.

Other examples of AI contributing to personalized customer experiences include using facial recognition to place orders and voice detection to interact with chatbots. These interactive experiences simply wouldn’t be possible without AI.

  1. 2. More Efficient Service

The days of staying on hold in order to get your question answered by a telephone operator may soon be coming to an end. Chatbots and virtual assistants have allowed customers to get answers to common questions in a matter of seconds.

Evidently, human interaction isn’t needed in the era of AI and customers now have the option of self-service.

  1. 3. Improved Availability

Customers are no longer on a time crunch when it comes to getting their questions answered. AI never sleeps and it is not limited to a 9 to 5 workday like customer service agents are.

24/7 customer support can be easily implemented with AI and our increasingly globalized world demands it.

  1. 4. Anticipating Customer Needs

AI makes it possible to create connected customer experiences across various single touch-points. Brands can now put together their insights and data to build a complete picture of each individual customer’s needs.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have enabled companies to intervene once they suspect a consumer’s loyalty is at risk. Considering the fact that it is much cheaper to retain customers than bring in new ones, this is a highly profitable benefit of AI.

  1. 5. Reliable Customer Service Agents

Despite our best efforts, it’s impossible for humans to always be on their A game at work. Working in customer service day in and day out makes the likelihood of being “on” all the time even less.

Thankfully, AI isn’t capable of getting upset and quitting. Companies can rest easy knowing that their turnover rate won’t be an issue and customer needs will always be met.

When AI is thoroughly tested and integrated into an organization properly, it can do wonders for customer experience. The benefits of AI’s automated solutions definitely outweigh the costs!

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