Five New CX Trends for Contact Centers in 2021

Like many industries, contact centres underwent drastic transformations this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Modern consumer behaviour and expectations became even more entrenched in digital technologies and companies are now playing catch up.

With 2021 just around the corner, now’s the time to get ahead of the curve and solidify your competitive advantage. Here are 5 customer experience (CX) trends to keep an eye out for in 2021.

Catering to Remote Consumers

The rise of remote work is something we’ve all had to adapt to this year. Contact centres were forced to speed up the decentralization of their workforce at the flip of a switch, which presented many challenges. One good thing that has come from this sudden change, however, is that contact centres got an unprecedented insight into the challenges remote customers face after their own workers became remote.

Going forward, businesses plan to wholly embrace the digital-first consumer and make the investments needed to better serve their current lifestyle.

CX Driving Digital Transformations

The term “digital transformation” is one that’s been thrown around a lot over the past few years. While this phenomenon was largely driven by operational efficiencies in the past, customer behaviour became the main driving force behind technological innovations in 2020. As such, executives are focusing on modernizing CX now more than ever.

Practical AI Solutions

AI technologies have already drastically improved customer experiences and they will only continue to improve as time goes on. Similarly to digital transformations, CX is now playing a much bigger role in how AI technologies are utilized. Instead of implementing AI in an effort to cut costs, there has been a shift toward using it for more practical automation and self-service capabilities.

In 2021, the adoption of tools like automated after-call work, predictive routing and data-driven agent assistant functions are expected to accelerate.

Data Security and CRM

With more technology at our fingertips than ever before, data security and unification issues have become especially prevalent in contact centres. Redundant data, inconsistent reporting and excessive storage are all problems that have come about as a result – and companies are keen on nipping this problem in the bud. Contact centres are planning to combine all their customer data into a single source using CRM technology, thereby improving data security and improving operational efficiencies.

A Unified CX

Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones to connect with brands and the demand for embeddable experiences is at an all-time high. By blending digital and voice communication channels, brands can provide the seamless and unified experience that consumers are looking for. Contact centres have recognized this desire and are now looking into real-time multimedia sharing, advanced authentication methods and smartphone biometrics.

While none of us could’ve foreseen the drastic changes that came about due to a life-changing event in 2020, the direction contact centres are going is now abundantly clear. By implementing these 5 CX trends into your organization, you’ll be better prepared to handle what’s coming and provide your customers with optimal experiences.

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