Falling (Back) In Love With Your Company

February is the “love” month, so I thought I’d write this post straight from the heart (npi)

For business owners, there’s nothing quite like the honeymoon phase between you and your company. When I first founded Innovative Vision, I was bright eyed, full of fresh dreams, and brimming with passion. Each day I gladly worked long hours to help see my vision for the company come to fruition. Nothing and no one could stop me from checking up on work emails when I was away from my desk, and the constant pipeline of ideas running through my mind never dried up. Taking an idea “from the whiteboard to the boardroom” was all I dreamt about.

Then something changed… I got bored. All of a sudden, I fell out of love.

Yes, somehow the tasks that once brought me the most excitement transformed and felt mundane. Innovative Vision became an actual business after those first 5 years in the startup phase, and I began experiencing the ups and downs that every entrepreneur knows all too well.

However, I knew that this bump in my path was due to the repetitiveness of each day, and instead of breaking up with the company that I founded – I made it my mission to shake things up. I started attending industry gatherings where I absorbed fascinating information about the industry’s potential to expand due to technological advances in AI and data analytics. I identified business growth opportunities and set goals to achieve them. I networked and met amazing people that shared the energy that I longed to regain. I also made it a point to have fun with my team and use strategies like modern workplace design and ESAT committees to ensure that everyone loved the company too.

Most importantly, because of all of this – I fell back in love with my company.

My advice to those who are struggling to find the zest they once possessed for their company would be to look ahead and never stop learning and engaging with the people within your walls and outside as well. Have fun and never forget why you started or joined your company to begin with, and use that to fuel your passion going forward.

Choose your environment. Meet people. Listen and learn. Have fun. Stay in love.

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