Mid-Year Report: Trends Shaping CX

Due to the newfound digital empowerment of customers that has grown exponentially in the past decade, companies are having to adapt their CX strategies in ways they never had to consider before.

Brands are showcasing their dedication to their communities as prominently as they can in the hopes to create enhanced experiences for their valuable customers.

At Innovative Vision, we use the most advanced technologies and the most qualified people to help companies provide optimal CX. Therefore, we never take our fingers off the pulse of what’s new and what’s working in the realm of customer care.

So without further ado, here’s our mid-year report on which trends are influencing CX:

Big Data Guides the Way

In Dimension Data’s Benchmarking Report, analytics was voted as the top factor that will influence CX in the next 5 years.

In order to keep up with competitors, companies have to not only provide excellent CX, but additionally track and analyze how they are doing it. In order for marketers to truly grasp who their customers are, they must be able to investigate the data collected on them.

Benefits of data analytics include:

  • Higher revenue
  • Lower operational costs
  • Deeper understanding of customer preferences
  • Ability to target specific customers

CX Teams

In order to provide an advanced CX strategy, a company needs to have a dedicated CX team to take the lead on it. Yet, in the aforementioned Dimension Data report, it was stated that 36% of organizations are without a CX manager.

Building your dedicated CX team involves recruiting individuals who understand the immense value of CX and have experience in interpreting and working with AI-driven platforms so that they can do the job with enormous amounts of efficiency and results.


At Innovative Vision, we never stop stressing the importance of providing omnichannel support. This is due to the fact that while social media support has become immensely popular, it has not entirely replaced traditional customer/live agent relations.

Furthermore, in the near future will come an opportunity provided by the IoT that will support companies in collecting and analyzing omnichannel data in real-time – allowing for CX to be better understood and thus, improved upon.

How Innovative Vision can help

At Innovative Vision, we are passionate about the world of CX. Founded in 2002, we are a marketing firm specializing in Contact Centre BPO. Through the power of omnichannel support, and hybrid live agent/AI models, we ensure that every interaction that a customer has with your business is positive and meaningful.

Allow us to inspire your company to grow through our enhanced approach to guiding the customer journey. To learn more about our advanced and specialized services, contact us today!