Company Culture 101

Aside from the hours you spend sleeping at home, your workplace is likely the spot you spend the majority of your time. In the typical 40-hour workweek, employees expend masses of mental energy within the walls of their office. Due to this, companies are increasingly asking themselves not what their people can do for them, but what they can do for their people.

With major companies boasting vibrant cultures that include employee game rooms, catered staff meals, and even town halls– company culture is proving to be far more than a buzz-phrase.

When employees feel like their bosses view them as more than just cogs in the machine, and instead, as multi-faceted individuals who have unique skillsets, opinions and needs, they work smarter.

If you’re looking for strategies to help boost employee satisfaction across your office, consider any of the following approaches:

Be the Leader you want to Work Under

Being the boss isn’t easy. The freedom that comes from being in charge can feel liberating, yet also add a lot of additional pressure. The fate of your company rests upon your ability to push it to thrive. Due to this, many people in leadership positions often find themselves holed up in their office with senior level staff or wining and dining high-profile clients.

However, when this sort of divide is present between a leader and his or her employees – productivity can suffer. People like to work for individuals that they feel respect them, and that they can trust. That is why it is imperative that leaders take the time to walk all four corners of their office and engage with the individuals who work for them.

Actions speak louder than words. At the end of the day, as a leader, you set your company culture by how you behave, not what you say. Therefore, treating your team well and encouraging a culture where your workers feel that their ideas are valued is the best way to bolster a sense of loyalty from them.

Allow Failure

We’ve all heard the countless adages about the importance of failure, but when it comes to the professional world, people are often hesitant to admit to it. In the workplace, mistakes will always be made, period. As much as leaders may hope that the capacity for human error amongst their teams is minimal, that is unfortunately far from the reality of the way the world works.

When employees are confident that their mistakes will be forgiven, within reason, they will likely own up to them and offer strategies for undoing them. However, when the culture of the company they work at doesn’t allow room for error, employees will often hide their mistakes in an attempt to save their job.

When this occurs, it prevents workers from being able to learn from their mistakes, or perhaps worse, it can prevent the mistake from being repaired.

Implement Fun Activities into the Company Calendar

While it’s important to maintain a culture of productivity in your office, all work and no play has never been a recipe for long-term employee satisfaction at any company. This is where the fun side of company culture comes in.

By creating a company calendar that includes anything from office foosball and PlayStation tournaments, to staff potlucks, to engaging outings, to even philanthropic initiatives, you encourage social engagement across your office and foster a sense of inclusivity and amusement within your workers.

It’s one thing to onboard top talent, and another to retain it. In an age where employees are expecting more than a steady paycheque from their jobs, leaders must be willing to adapt the ways in which they approach the topic of company culture.

At Innovative Vision, we believe that a strong team begins with strong leadership, and our culture reflects this. If you’re looking to outsource your contact centre and are eager to learn more about our process for providing excellent CX, drop us a line today!