Why AI needs to be Regulated, Fast

Twenty years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to hear boisterous jokes about a future that was run by robot overlords. While the general population was once amused by the idea of having a robot house cleaner to do their dusting, the science behind the kind of technology associated with bots is rapidly advancing far beyond what many ever thought possible.

Artificial intelligence, otherwise known as AI, is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. In the contact centre BPO industry, AI technology is harnessed to provide companies with a solution for handling their customer care responsibilities through AI capabilities such as chatbots.

With major players such as Facebook, Apple, and Amazon investing in AI, it has been an undeniably hot topic this year.

Most recently, AI was in the major news spotlight when Tesla founder Elon Musk stepped up to the mic (read: keyboard) with his opinion on the matter via Twitter.

After viewing a video of a backflipping robot, Musk tweeted out:

This is nothing. In a few years, that bot will move so fast you’ll need a strobe light to see it. Sweet dreams…”

While the tweet has an air of humour to it, Musk has become a major voice in discussions about the future of AI, advocating that down the line, the technology could pose a threat to humanity if it doesn’t become regulated.

This debate has been gaining immense traction, and our team at Innovative Vision certainly holds a strong view on the subject. While the work we do relies heavily on the technology, we argue that regulation can occur without thwarting the immense progress that has been made in the realm of AI. Here’s why:

It has the Potential to Displace Humans

The cutting edge nature of AI has given businesses the power to find cost-effective solutions for handling a variety of technology-driven responsibilities through computers alone. While this may appear beneficial in the short term, as AI becomes more prevalent it will become a threat to the job security of humans.

Furthermore, due to the fact that AI has the power to become even smarter than humans, its behaviour cannot be labelled as predictable. As opposed to hard-coded technologies, AI essentially has a mind of its own, and the more advanced this technology becomes, the greater potential there is for issues to arise down the line.

Is worrying that AI robots could surpass humans as leaders of the planet alarmist? Definitely. But it’s vital to remember that humans have never created technology like this before, and should proceed with caution.

Its Goals may become Misaligned with Ours

In order for AI to be beneficial to humans, its goals need to be aligned with ours –something that we may not be able to control down the line.

While you may believe that scientists must simply be cautious about what they program their AI to do, it’s not so simple. As advanced as it is, AI does not naturally share our human values, it is merely focused on getting its job done in the fastest and most strategic way possible.

Therefore, we must do everything we can to avoid any potentially destructive results from AI taking our commands too literally.

Where to go from here

While the flames surrounding the AI debate are far from fumigated, there is a definite need for law and policy makers to begin analyzing how to regulate it without stifling the powerful, useful, and non-dangerous AI innovations that have already become commonplace in our society.

One way that we can lessen the threat to jobs that AI poses is through education. Leaders on multiple tiers – from those in the school system to trailblazers in the private sector must address the growing need for technological education. By equipping people with knowledge of relevant scientific subjects like robotics and data science, we can help prevent ourselves from becoming obsolete in the AI age.

Our industry would not be where it is today were it not for AI helping lead the way to new frontiers. At Innovative Vision, were able to provide our clients with top tier customer care experiences through cutting edge AI technology.

If you’re looking for a solution to any of your company’s contact centre BPO challenges, connect with us today to learn more about how we can help!