3 Ways to Determine your Customers Needs

Providing optimal CX is no easy feat. With constant advances in the world of customer care, it can be challenging to stay ahead of the curve. However, in order for your business to achieve the levels of success it dreams of reaching, it must invest in trying to understand your customers.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of unique ways in which you can tune into what your customers are thinking. Here are 3 strategies you can employ to determine your customers’ needs:

  1. For Current Products/Services: Ask where you can Improve

The old adage, “don’t go looking for problems,” is redundant in the world of CX. In order to retain customers and build brand loyalty, your customers need to feel heard. When a customer care representative has an interaction, ensure they are asking them about any additional issues they may have found with your company but not brought up. Furthermore, you can reach out to your online community via direct messages to ask about where they feel there is room for improvement.

  1. For Future Products/Services: Ask for their Input

It is one of the highest compliments to be consulted when a decision is being made. If your company is considering inventing a new product or introducing a new service to its repertoire, gathering some of your loyal customers together to discuss the new product or service ­such as how they’d use it, or what they’d like to see featured in it, it a great way to gather valuable intel.

  1. For Everyday Matters: Always be Engaging

Being a part of daily online conversations pertaining to your industry is crucial if you’re truly committed to staying ahead of your competitors and understanding everything there is to know about your customers. By injecting your brand into digital conversations and engaging with not only your followers, but also potential customers, you can ensure that you are establishing yourself as a brand who cares to listen to every voice in your community.

At Innovative Vision, we are passionate about the world of CX. Founded in 2002, we are a marketing firm specializing in Contact Centre BPO. Through the power of omnichannel support, and hybrid live agent/AI models, we ensure that every interaction that a customer has with your business is positive and meaningful.

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The Best Way to Hack your Productivity

You can’t necessarily get ahead in business solely by boosting your productivity. We often fall into a trap of thinking, “if I was only more productive, I could _____.” Fill in the blank with whatever statement comes to mind. These thoughts range from increased profitability, better revenue, more sleep, new clients and on and on.

We often associate productivity with all-nighters, working weekends and early morning meetings. Even though these overtime sessions may be productive, they’re worse for you in the long run. Entrepreneurs need to achieve work-life balance because it will benefit not only your mental health but your business. If you’re staying up all night to get everything “perfect” before a big meeting, you’re likely not going to do as well as if you had gotten a good night’s sleep.

Recently, productivity has become almost a trend. There is an entire industry dedicated to helping people maximize their time. The good and services range from software, calendars, apps to journals and more. Everyone knows how satisfying it is to cross something off your to-do list. This quick and easy satisfaction can sometimes lead us to speed through tasks instead of taking the amount of time necessary to do it properly. Rushing leads to more work because you’ll need to go back and fix any mistakes made while rushing. It’s important to work smarter not harder.

Focus on “organizational efficiency” instead of productivity. Organizational efficiency means ensuring everyone and everything works together like clockwork. Leverage your business by maximizing everyone’s output. Instead of stressing out about the most urgent tasks and rushing the work, design a schedule to manage your team’s resources. In advance of an important deadline, meet with everyone to ensure their skills are being properly used to get the work done well and on time. Make sure you have your priorities in order and your team members are clear on their objectives.

Taking a little extra time to create a plan makes a world of difference and in turn, increases productivity. The work has to be done but it should be done in an organized, efficient way. Instead of thinking, “how can I cross this off my to-do list quickly?” Think differently. Start asking yourself questions like:

  1. What is my business’ mission and how can we uphold this mission?
  2. What tasks are absolutely necessary? If there are tasks that are unnecessary or you don’t have the time or ability to complete them, cross them off your list or give them to someone else.
  3. What are the best and most efficient ways to use the systems and software I have in place?
  4. How can I assign the best tasks to the most suitable team members so we all reach our individual goals?
  5. What business analytics do I need to make note of so that I can discover our flaws (or strengths)?

Valuing organization efficiency over productivity has another benefit: better communication. You’ll get to know the members of your team by figuring out their strengths and weaknesses. Teamwork will help you in all your future endeavours. It’s crucial to focus on leveraging everyone’s skills to put out amazing work rather than getting the work done quickly. Work smarter not harder.


How to ensure your Company is known for CX

With the increased digitization of the world around us, customer expectations have grown more complex in recent years. CX has been a real focal point at which most companies view their business processes.

Due to this, simply being mindful of providing meaningful CX is not enough to ensure that a company will actually deliver it in its optimal capacity.

While most companies are merely keeping up with the pack, what we are seeing now is that the successful ones are doing everything in their power to stay on top of CX trends.

Here’s how to ensure that your company leads the pack and becomes known for its powerful CX:

  1. Ensure your Customers are Validated: Each micro-moment provides an opportunity for your brand to personalize its communication directed towards a customer. Therefore, whenever a customer reports an issue, make sure that they receive some form of communication that acknowledges their complaint and provides a plan for how it will be attended to.
  2. Keep CX a Priority at every Touch Point: Regardless of which department a customer is dealing with, the representative of your company should be just as trained in CX as your CX lead. This ensures that no matter where your customer is at in his or her journey, their experience with your company won’t be compromised.
  3. Scan for Holes in your System: You’d be hard pressed to find a company that hasn’t experienced a few (or many) hiccups on its’ path to success. Instead of waiting for those bumps in the road to arise, stay vigilant for anything that could suggest things aren’t running smoothly. It’s far less costly to scan for issues and rectify them swiftly than to take the hit of a lost customer. 

How Innovative Vision can help 

At Innovative Vision, we have been providing companies big and small with CX solutions that enable them to thrive for over 15 years. We are committed to using the most advanced technologies paired with the most qualified individuals to allow your business to be known as both a game-changer and an industry innovator in the world of CX.

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Mid-Year Report: Trends Shaping CX

Due to the newfound digital empowerment of customers that has grown exponentially in the past decade, companies are having to adapt their CX strategies in ways they never had to consider before.

Brands are showcasing their dedication to their communities as prominently as they can in the hopes to create enhanced experiences for their valuable customers.

At Innovative Vision, we use the most advanced technologies and the most qualified people to help companies provide optimal CX. Therefore, we never take our fingers off the pulse of what’s new and what’s working in the realm of customer care.

So without further ado, here’s our mid-year report on which trends are influencing CX:

Big Data Guides the Way

In Dimension Data’s Benchmarking Report, analytics was voted as the top factor that will influence CX in the next 5 years.

In order to keep up with competitors, companies have to not only provide excellent CX, but additionally track and analyze how they are doing it. In order for marketers to truly grasp who their customers are, they must be able to investigate the data collected on them.

Benefits of data analytics include:

  • Higher revenue
  • Lower operational costs
  • Deeper understanding of customer preferences
  • Ability to target specific customers

CX Teams

In order to provide an advanced CX strategy, a company needs to have a dedicated CX team to take the lead on it. Yet, in the aforementioned Dimension Data report, it was stated that 36% of organizations are without a CX manager.

Building your dedicated CX team involves recruiting individuals who understand the immense value of CX and have experience in interpreting and working with AI-driven platforms so that they can do the job with enormous amounts of efficiency and results.


At Innovative Vision, we never stop stressing the importance of providing omnichannel support. This is due to the fact that while social media support has become immensely popular, it has not entirely replaced traditional customer/live agent relations.

Furthermore, in the near future will come an opportunity provided by the IoT that will support companies in collecting and analyzing omnichannel data in real-time – allowing for CX to be better understood and thus, improved upon.

How Innovative Vision can help

At Innovative Vision, we are passionate about the world of CX. Founded in 2002, we are a marketing firm specializing in Contact Centre BPO. Through the power of omnichannel support, and hybrid live agent/AI models, we ensure that every interaction that a customer has with your business is positive and meaningful.

Allow us to inspire your company to grow through our enhanced approach to guiding the customer journey. To learn more about our advanced and specialized services, contact us today!


MythBusters: CX Edition

While you may be under the impression that your brand is providing high-quality customer experience (CX), new data from Bain & Company suggests that companies often conflate their perception of how well their CX is performing.

The study found that although 80% of the 362 firms surveyed believed they were delivering a “superior experience” to customers, customers reported that only 8% were doing so.

With CX being as imperative to success as it is, companies are always seeking to master it. However, according to the aforementioned findings, few do.

Here are 3 long-established CX Myths that could be preventing your company from strengthening its brand:

Only Bad Experiences Cause Customers to Leave

While it’s certainly correct that bad experiences with your brand can affect your customer perception of it, customers are often willing to stick around after one or two hiccups. Where issues arise, however, is when mostly-satisfied customers decide to take their business to a competitor that they believe does it better.

So what’s a company to do? The answer is to implement loyalty programs that create an allegiance between you and your customers.

PR Nightmares Will Destroy your Brand

To be clear, we’re not suggesting that you do something drastically negative to draw attention to your brand. However, the major losses that companies face often come after a succession of small-scale errors, not after a bad PR incident.

Think of it this way: Imagine that a company you are loyal to tweeted something insensitive and the post went viral. After the brand apologizes profusely for the incident while deflecting blame, do you truly see yourself giving up on them? The answer is probably no. Their mistake didn’t entirely affect you, so the company ultimately remains in your good books.

However, if you were to experience multiple minor first-hand issues with a company, the chances are that you wouldn’t want to continue on as a customer with them.

Marketing is the Be All, End All

Nobody is denying the power of effectively targeted marketing. However, there’s only so much a marketing team can do to acquire customers, and the responsibility of keeping them doesn’t entirely rest upon their shoulders.

In order for your company to thrive, it must be investing in CX initiatives that are connected to marketing. This is achievable by collecting insights on customer behaviours that allow your company to keep encouraging positive ones.

How Innovative Vision can help

At Innovative Vision, it is our mission to provide clients with contact centre BPO solutions that gel perfectly with their distinct needs. To learn more about our advanced and specialized services, contact us today!





How to Provide Effective Personalized Customer Experience

In the world of customer experience (CX), companies are constantly executing new and innovative ways to enhance their brand experiences. Therefore, customer retention and loyalty is dependent upon how effectively a company can provide stellar CX compared to its hungry competitors.

While this may sound clear and apparent, the fact of the matter is that many companies do not take the time to personalize their customers. However, in order to provide personalized and successful CX, companies must view their clients as individuals.

The following are three top methods for adopting a personalized care strategy:

Create Profiles

In order to provide optimal CX, it’s imperative that you create in-depth customer profiles. In developing these profiles, you will gather the information necessary to paint a detailed portrait of who is buying your product or services. A couple of key questions to raise during this process are:

  • What demographic am I targeting?
  • What are my customer’s goals?
  • How will my customers seek out my product or services?

Once you determine these answers with the help of your sales and marketing teams, you will be able to create profiles for your core customers and provide CX that is aligned with their needs.

Go Omnichannel

We’re living in an age of convenience. At this point in time, companies must be prepared to provide service across all channels. Regardless of whether your customers prefer to inquire with your business over social media, or via telephone call ­– you must be capable of delivering the service experience they crave.

Tune into Feedback

Listening to and implementing changes based on your customer feedback is crucial to providing personalized CX. If you want your customers to feel valued, it’s vital that they feel heard. A way that companies can achieve this is by developing a system for processing feedback that ensures each customer is heard and that their concerns are processed and directly addressed.

How Innovative Vision Can Help

For over 15 years, Innovative Vision has been a leader in the contact centre BPO industry. We specialize in both voice and digital services and our commitment to creating positive brand experiences has enabled us to provide our clients with information-rich insights that allow them to truly connect with their customers.

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The Difference between Natural Language Processing and Keyword-Based Chatbots

The undeniable influence that chatbots have had on modern business practices has been profound. For large-scale companies, chatbots have revolutionized online customer interactions.

While live customer care agents were once solely responsible for handling inquiries big and small, the implementation of chatbots at a company allow for individuals in these roles to focus on answering complex customer questions, tasking chatbots with handling the basics.

However, not all chatbots are created equal. In fact, there are two primary types that are most widely used:

  1. Keyword-based chatbots
  2. Natural language processing chatbots

So which is better for your company and its distinctive needs? Allow us to delve into the differences between these two leading types of chatbots:

Natural Language Processing Chatbots

These advanced chatbots have the power to contextually understand customer questions in a way that can closely mimic live agent interaction. Natural language processing chatbots sit atop a distinguished pillar that boasts the ability to engage in conversation. From comprehending sentence structure and context to asking relevant questions when requiring further detail from customers, these chatbots know how to interact and provide immensely helpful results.

Ultimately, these bots are most-frequently used in conjunction with live agents. This is due to the fact that the answers they provide will often be routed to an agent for approval if the bot isn’t 100% confident that it has the correct one.

Keyword-Based Chatbots

For companies that are looking for an option that allows them 100% control over their brands messaging, keyword-based chatbots are ideal, as they never respond in a way that has not been previously programmed into their database.

With this type of bot, companies manually program them to provide certain responses to specific phrases and questions, which can help to lighten the workload of their live agents.

However, the scope of questions of which keyword-based chatbots can respond to is dependent entirely upon how they are programmed. For instance, they will not be able to see past typos if they are not encoded to do so.

How Innovative Vision can help

At Innovative Vision, we work each and every day to ensure our clients are provided with the contact centre BPO solutions that work best for their unique needs. Chatbots are one of the primary tools we utilize to ensure our clients provide excellent brand experiences to theirs. To learn more about our wide array of specialized services, contact us today!

Why your Company should be Embracing AI

In the world of big business, there’s not one high-powered CEO sleeping on the remarkable powers of artificial intelligence (AI). From Netflix to Facebook and beyond, successful corporations have been successfully harnessing the power of AI for quite some time now – to their competitors’ disadvantage.

AI has revolutionized the scope of what companies can do for their clients, but fortunately, the train of AI is still approaching the station. If your company is considering the immense benefits that will be within it’s reach if you adopt AI into your strategy, then you’ve come to the right place. You haven’t missed the ride yet, but you’d better pack your bags and hop on quickly!

At Innovative Vision, we were early adopters of AI. Therefore, we’ve seen the incredible effects it has had on the success of our client’s businesses for quite some time now.

We’ve outlined a few of the top reasons why all companies looking to get ahead of the curb should be embracing AI with open arms:

It Cut Costs

Finding a way to cut costs that doesn’t take away from your business processes that additionally provides you with immense value is the dream scenario. Fortunately, AI makes this possible in a variety of ways.

While the upfront expenditure of implementing AI into your business model does come with costs, the investment becomes immensely cost-effective down the line.

  • Here’s How:

    • AI provides companies with deep insight into their customers, allowing them to attract a larger customer base and actually retain the ones they get.
    • AI can automate highly strategic marketing campaigns using data to conclude which customers will respond best to specific promotions.
    • AI elevates customer care strategies to the highest tier by offering customers with personalized responses while also allowing companies to not always have to rely on live agents for each interaction.

It Makes You More Efficient

Do we even need to begin by saying, “time is money” here? Chances are you probably (read: definitely) are aware of that undeniable fact of the business world.

Sometimes, you may even begin to ask yourself, “Can money be time?” In the case of AI, you may be correct.

As previously mentioned, AI is a cost that pays off in the long run. In the contact centre BPO industry, AI has assisted companies in providing efficient and personalized customer care solutions that allow them to rely less on live agents in situations where they are not necessary.

It Puts You on a Fast Track to the Future

The world of technology is rapidly evolving. From monumental feats, like Tesla sending a car into space, to smaller, yet incredibly cool ones like Snapchat and Instagram providing users with a wide variety of facial-recognition filters to morph their appearance – it’s no secret that all companies are striving to be at the forefront of making “innovation history”.

AI technologies like smart IVRs and chatbots are taking industries by storm. Companies who are adopting AI are moving ahead of the pack, while those who haven’t discovered it’s benefits are falling behind.

Where Does Your Company stand?

Do you want to be on the fast track to the future with other industry-leading companies using AI? At Innovative Vision, we provide our clients with top of the line customer care experiences using the revolutionary powers of AI.

If you’re looking for effective solutions to your company’s contact centre BPO challenges, connect with us today to learn more about how we can help!


While cultivating a work environment that inspires your employees is a year-round task, its importance is even more pronounced during the winter months when people can often get caught up in the “winter blues”.

If you’ve noticed a lack of enthusiasm in your office as of late, the weather and its accompanying minimal sunlight could likely be the cause. As a leader, you’re aware that any lack of motivation in your team can be harmful to your company. There are few feelings more inspiring than observing your team thrive – so how can you achieve this when the seasonal elements seem to be working against you?

There are a variety of ways that you can help dismantle the demotivating effects of the cold to foster a sense of excitement and drive in your office. Here are some of the top ways to motivate your team and encourage employee engagement:

Be the Light

One of the most important things that we all as individuals need to feel is that we are supported on a personal level by our community.

Walk the four corners of your office and offer a positive environment. To easily relate to your team – be personable, kind, funny, and empathetic. Be in the know about what your team is going through so that you can be a sounding board when the time is right. One way to do this is by starting every meeting by going around the room and asking what’s new or happening in their lives – you’ll be surprised at the interesting things your team is up to, which will set the tone for a great discussion.

Promote the Power of Teams

A collaborative environment is one of the vital keys to stimulating a collective motivated mindset in your office. Ways to cultivate this involve making your office space an open atmosphere. At Innovative Vision, our philosophy is that you don’t need to head into a boardroom to work through ideas – a team that works together and off of each other is agile enough to respond to changes in business needs. We operate in “pods” so that there’s always a teammate to assist or discuss an idea. This creates good energy and movement within your space for everyone to thrive.

Approach Mistakes with an Open Mind

As passionate as you are about the success of your business, nobody wants to work for someone who doesn’t listen. The truth is, mistakes happen, and as a leader, it’s your job to take your workers errors in stride and grace them with opportunities to improve for next time – within reason. This starts with listening to the issue and understanding the reasons as to why the errors occurred. By understanding the root of the issues, you can then resolve the problem and allow the team to learn.

Release Control

A mistake that many CEOs make is feeling that micromanaging is simply a by-product of being dedicated to their business. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, being a micromanager can inspire disdain amongst your employees who may feel that you don’t trust them to do their work at a high calibre.

Instead of constantly checking in with your team members on their progress, try using team-based technologies like Slack, Basecamp or Zoho to keep in positive communication. You can then set up weekly meetings with them to discuss company goals and strategies for seeing them come to fruition. This way, you’ll be confident that everybody is on the same page regarding what is expected of them, and you can pull back and focus on the tasks at your hand.

At the end of the day, our leadership at Innovative Vision is committed to encouraging our team members to reach their career goals and find sustainable satisfaction from the work they do in our office. A happy team is a productive one, and the results that our clients see from the work we do for them are certainly inspired by this fact.

If you’re looking to outsource your contact centre and are excited to learn more about our unique process, contact us today!




Why AI needs to be Regulated, Fast

Twenty years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to hear boisterous jokes about a future that was run by robot overlords. While the general population was once amused by the idea of having a robot house cleaner to do their dusting, the science behind the kind of technology associated with bots is rapidly advancing far beyond what many ever thought possible.

Artificial intelligence, otherwise known as AI, is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. In the contact centre BPO industry, AI technology is harnessed to provide companies with a solution for handling their customer care responsibilities through AI capabilities such as chatbots.

With major players such as Facebook, Apple, and Amazon investing in AI, it has been an undeniably hot topic this year.

Most recently, AI was in the major news spotlight when Tesla founder Elon Musk stepped up to the mic (read: keyboard) with his opinion on the matter via Twitter.

After viewing a video of a backflipping robot, Musk tweeted out:

This is nothing. In a few years, that bot will move so fast you’ll need a strobe light to see it. Sweet dreams…”

While the tweet has an air of humour to it, Musk has become a major voice in discussions about the future of AI, advocating that down the line, the technology could pose a threat to humanity if it doesn’t become regulated.

This debate has been gaining immense traction, and our team at Innovative Vision certainly holds a strong view on the subject. While the work we do relies heavily on the technology, we argue that regulation can occur without thwarting the immense progress that has been made in the realm of AI. Here’s why:

It has the Potential to Displace Humans

The cutting edge nature of AI has given businesses the power to find cost-effective solutions for handling a variety of technology-driven responsibilities through computers alone. While this may appear beneficial in the short term, as AI becomes more prevalent it will become a threat to the job security of humans.

Furthermore, due to the fact that AI has the power to become even smarter than humans, its behaviour cannot be labelled as predictable. As opposed to hard-coded technologies, AI essentially has a mind of its own, and the more advanced this technology becomes, the greater potential there is for issues to arise down the line.

Is worrying that AI robots could surpass humans as leaders of the planet alarmist? Definitely. But it’s vital to remember that humans have never created technology like this before, and should proceed with caution.

Its Goals may become Misaligned with Ours

In order for AI to be beneficial to humans, its goals need to be aligned with ours –something that we may not be able to control down the line.

While you may believe that scientists must simply be cautious about what they program their AI to do, it’s not so simple. As advanced as it is, AI does not naturally share our human values, it is merely focused on getting its job done in the fastest and most strategic way possible.

Therefore, we must do everything we can to avoid any potentially destructive results from AI taking our commands too literally.

Where to go from here

While the flames surrounding the AI debate are far from fumigated, there is a definite need for law and policy makers to begin analyzing how to regulate it without stifling the powerful, useful, and non-dangerous AI innovations that have already become commonplace in our society.

One way that we can lessen the threat to jobs that AI poses is through education. Leaders on multiple tiers – from those in the school system to trailblazers in the private sector must address the growing need for technological education. By equipping people with knowledge of relevant scientific subjects like robotics and data science, we can help prevent ourselves from becoming obsolete in the AI age.

Our industry would not be where it is today were it not for AI helping lead the way to new frontiers. At Innovative Vision, were able to provide our clients with top tier customer care experiences through cutting edge AI technology.

If you’re looking for a solution to any of your company’s contact centre BPO challenges, connect with us today to learn more about how we can help!