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While cultivating a work environment that inspires your employees is a year-round task, its importance is even more pronounced during the winter months when people can often get caught up in the “winter blues”. If you’ve noticed a lack of enthusiasm in your office as of late, the weather and its accompanying minimal sunlight could […]

Why AI needs to be Regulated, Fast

Twenty years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to hear boisterous jokes about a future that was run by robot overlords. While the general population was once amused by the idea of having a robot house cleaner to do their dusting, the science behind the kind of technology associated with bots is rapidly advancing far beyond what […]

Company Culture 101

Aside from the hours you spend sleeping at home, your workplace is likely the spot you spend the majority of your time. In the typical 40-hour workweek, employees expend masses of mental energy within the walls of their office. Due to this, companies are increasingly asking themselves not what their people can do for them, […]

Keeping Customer Data Secure 101

Customer data should be to a company what the crown jewels are to the royals –valuable and protected beyond all measures. In light of recent hacks, however, including credit monitoring agency Equifax’s alarming data breach that left up to 143 million U.S. customers’ vulnerable, companies are being forced to recognize their susceptibilities and strengthen their […]