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The Powerful AI Trends you can expect to see in 2019

After an exciting year of growth in the world of AI, pop culture has begun to accept its place in our society. Unfounded trepidation about AI has dissipated, and people are more willing than ever to get as excited as we are about how AI is changing the nature of work for the better. At […]

How Automation Promotes Customer-Centric Business Processes

The technology of automation is advancing remarkably. With new tiers of innovation being reached in this realm all the time, adopting customer-centric automation practices in your company can add immense value to your contact centre CX. Here’s how automation can help promote a customer-centric experience: Case Management: The utilization of machine learning can assist in […]

The Three A’s of Third-Wave AI

AI is everywhere. From Google Home running your household, chatbots handling your support issues, or Siri helping you remember the name of that actor you just can’t place, it is ever-present. To make the impact stronger, AI is advancing into its third wave, an era that will be characterized by the technology’s ability to understand […]

3 Ways to Determine your Customers Needs

Providing optimal CX is no easy feat. With constant advances in the world of customer care, it can be challenging to stay ahead of the curve. However, in order for your business to achieve the levels of success it dreams of reaching, it must invest in trying to understand your customers. Fortunately, there are a […]

The Best Way to Hack your Productivity

You can’t necessarily get ahead in business solely by boosting your productivity. We often fall into a trap of thinking, “if I was only more productive, I could _____.” Fill in the blank with whatever statement comes to mind. These thoughts range from increased profitability, better revenue, more sleep, new clients and on and on. […]

How to ensure your Company is known for CX

With the increased digitization of the world around us, customer expectations have grown more complex in recent years. CX has been a real focal point at which most companies view their business processes. Due to this, simply being mindful of providing meaningful CX is not enough to ensure that a company will actually deliver it […]

Mid-Year Report: Trends Shaping CX

Due to the newfound digital empowerment of customers that has grown exponentially in the past decade, companies are having to adapt their CX strategies in ways they never had to consider before. Brands are showcasing their dedication to their communities as prominently as they can in the hopes to create enhanced experiences for their valuable […]

MythBusters: CX Edition

  While you may be under the impression that your brand is providing high-quality customer experience (CX), new data from Bain & Company suggests that companies often conflate their perception of how well their CX is performing. The study found that although 80% of the 362 firms surveyed believed they were delivering a “superior experience” […]

How to Provide Effective Personalized Customer Experience

In the world of customer experience (CX), companies are constantly executing new and innovative ways to enhance their brand experiences. Therefore, customer retention and loyalty is dependent upon how effectively a company can provide stellar CX compared to its hungry competitors. While this may sound clear and apparent, the fact of the matter is that […]

The Difference between Natural Language Processing and Keyword-Based Chatbots

  The undeniable influence that chatbots have had on modern business practices has been profound. For large-scale companies, chatbots have revolutionized online customer interactions. While live customer care agents were once solely responsible for handling inquiries big and small, the implementation of chatbots at a company allow for individuals in these roles to focus on […]